Saturday, March 03, 2007

Voting, Losing and The C Word,- No not THAT one

The voting continues and I am sure that by Monday we will have a good idea which of the "Issues" I've presented in my Poll are considered to be the "Biggest Problem Facing The World" Now I know I haven't put all the issues up there, but believe me, we will get to the bottom of it..Monday's post will point us in the right direction..

My BIGGEST problem now is that I failed to win the Mega Million Jackpot tonight, again !!

My Losing Ticket !!

They aren't my real numbers, I'm too superstitious to post them. Of course now these numbers will probably come out next time!! If YOU use them and win...remember where you got them !!

Final thought of the moment.... I Watched a great documentary today called "TheCorporation" It was a Sundance Film Festival Winner in 2003 so I guess I'm a bit late seeing it; however , for those who haven't you can download it free at Bit Torrent

What's In Your Milk??


danette said...

Thanks for the tip, lemme just write down those number :P

Sorry to hear that you didn't win, but I guess the majority will always NOT win. The majority also then sponsors another person's wealth, right?

Anonymous said...

I decided to leave you a message so I won't be accused of LURKING again. Buy you tickets for tonight as I have a feeling one of us will be lucky tonight. I see a compound in our future.


Sir Jorge said...

I saw this when it came to a theater near me, and wow...since then, I'm so scared to drink anything dairy.

The movie is great though.