Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Bunny Spotted, Not Where You'd Expect

The Easter Bunnies car was spotted early this morning outside of a local watering hole. The Bunny was nowhere to be seen. "A person who was there" last night said the Bunny was stumbling around and making lewd comments to some of the female patrons and waitstaff. The Bar Manager called him a cab and he and his cohorts left the bar at 1:30 am..One only hopes he can sober up in time to get the baskets delivered!!


toes said...

This looks like a set-up to me! I happen to know that the real Easter Bunny drinks only milk -- sometimes chocolate milk BUT NOTHING STRONGER! Perhaps this car belongs to an Easter Bunny Wannabe!

TOM said...

Toes, I don't know if you noticed the plate on that car "Bunny 1" that's "His" car. Sorry to shatter your image of him, but hey I'm thinking maybe I'll get more than candy in my basket..Godiva Chocolate Liquor maybe!!

Grimm said...

For some unreal reason I have this vision of Bad Santa in a bunny suit.

We are soooo talking sequel here.