Thursday, April 12, 2007

She's easy going, but......

Before I get on topic, I want to give due credit to Ty Romsa for his awesome pictures, visit his gallery and see some of his fantastic art..I thought his pictures really captured the essence of the woman I write about in this post!!

So sweet and easy going!!

Do you know anyone that maintains they are easy to get along with and then they proceed to list the stuff that really annoys them....I was having a conversation with one of 'those people" just the other day and while"she" was taking the time to point the annoying little idiosyncrasies that really get on her nerves, she continued to believe that she is easy to get along long as you:

Don't wiggle your foot or move any part of your body in her direct sight line to the television screen.

Don't slurp your tea, even if it's burning hot, slurping is annoying. Swallow the "hot molten liquid" quietly, please!!

When she's thinking, don't talk, How do you know when she's thinking? When she's not talking to you, she's thinking, she's thinking.... What did I do to deserve this??

Don't whistle or hum to yourself, it annoys her.

Don't Snore !! Wake UP, Your snoring.

No matter how congested your sinuses are, don't snort or make any of those phlegmy sounds that tend to happen when your sick and have a runny nose....SHE doesn't like it.

Don't rub your sore knees, even if it feels good to heat up those tired joints in the morning with a little friction, rubbing your knees rubs HER the wrong way.

Keep the speakers in front of the car bothers her...stupid!

Don't raise your voice to the dog, even if the dog makes slurping noises when it drinks, barks at nothing and farts wherever it wants.."She's" a good dog and apparently held at a higher level than most humans.

Don't pick at your nails, skin or nose.

When you are talking and that little piece of spittle dances around in the corner of your mouth...FIX's gross.

Don't pace around when you are talking on the phone, that annoys her and everyone else in the room.

Oh, there's more but hey "She's" easy going and so I'm gonna go find a blackboard and scrape my nails down won't bother her.

She's Easy Going!!


Martha S. said...

Just look at these as suggestions not as personal...sort of free tuition to "charm School".

choochoo said...

who the hell is this woman and is there a bookie somewhere taking bets on when you'll shoot her?

I -pretend- to be easy to get along with and then I play with the idea of killing ppl in their sleep. Or the wolverine-thing.

Anonymous said...

I think I may know who you are profiling. Remember SHE has a lot of stress in her life so stop snorting,picking,pacing and slurping! I do agree about the dog though. The indiscriminate barking is ANNOYING. NONE of those pictures look like her, especially the last one.


TOM said...

Mary, I personally, I don't pick and I believe she probably won't be upset with your observations on the dog...cause she's, well you know..I believe laughter is a great stress reducer an the last picture really made her laugh !!

Unacknowledged Genius said...

Are you still alive after posting that? ;P

Rain said...

Hi Tom!

Thank you for introducing me to Ty Romsa, I've never had the pleasure.

I am with Choochoo, who is this woman?

TOM said...

Genius, I''m alive and well

Rain, I thought of you when I found Romsa, he's got some girls that remind me of your page..

The woman in question is is a synthesis of a few women but inspired by one just recently..and she's read this and just loved the last picture.

Nan said...

I see myself there a few times - I have to admit that. Don't shoot me - just feed me and everything will be good.

rabbit said...

Watch out Tom Bunny you may wake up some morning in restraints not unlike your "fuzzy" namesake. Or worse all your stuff will be on the porch "for sale!" It is unfortunate that the dog is more "perfect" than her human caretakers, or are they her human slaves? Cute as she is, the furry critter is pesky for sure. I guess it has something to do with the fawning countenance and soulful eyes....for her "mom" that positions her above the rest of the household. MaryAlice is right those pics don't look like "her"

Tisha! said...

hahahaha now I see where you coming from LOL! that's definitely not "easy going"!

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha... unacknowledged genius' comment was funny!

So Tom, you managed to stay alive after the post!

I love the pictures.

TOM said...

Tisha, I've added you to my Blogs I Like and I'm wondering how come you weren't already there!! I mean you are so easy going!!