Monday, April 09, 2007

Where's Mimi Clark??

Okay, it's got to be said..I watch too much TV. There I said it.

Now I'm going to write about it, or more accurately, I'm going to write about a show that I've been watching loyally and I must say I'm getting tired of it.

Jericho, a show on CBS that airs on Wednesday nights. It's a post-apocalyptic drama set in Jericho, Kansas. I watch as they elected a total nitwit as Mayor, follow the life of an adulteress son and his booze peddling mistress. Watch as his jilted wife, the towns Doctor, dies with a baby inside her. The other brother who seems to have the tools to be successful in this post apocalyptic world but never seems to use them...Overall the characters in the show make me wish the Bomb had fallen on Jericho If the writing doesn't get any better it should get hit by the Ratings bomb and never be heard from again.

The one bright note is the character Mimi Clark, ironically she's my favorite and she plays a IRS agent. Comical in that I am not a fan of the IRS.

Alicia Copolla..aka Mimi Clark

Took me forever to find her on the Jericho Site, she's not listed with the cast members...I did later find her in the supporting cast members. CBS better wake up and write an episode for her. The character she portrays is funny and smart...something you cannot say about any of the other characters, apart from her love interest, Stanley Richmond who was recently sent off to another town to work off some debts.

If you wanna see more of Mimi tell CBS

If I've said anything that upsets you or makes you angry, or by some miracle you agree with please feel free to comment!!


LAB said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and actually least I know somebody reads the crap I write....btw..I'll be back to your is FUN!

Sorry I missed your birthday!!! LOL


Dave said...

I never feel like it's too much until the commercials kick in, then 10 minutes of TV feels like a life diminishing vampiric curse. I need to look into TiVo. ^^

TOM said...

LabI forgive you, maybe next year!!

Dave, I use a DVR if I had to suffer through commercials I'd never watch TV !! "life diminishing vampiric curse" you do have a way with words!!

Unacknowledged Genius said...

I love Jericho, but I have to agree it's not as good as it was earlier on. Still, I don't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Isaid it before & I'll say it again!! That show is STUPID!!!!!!!


TOM said...

Well Mary A., your view has been duly noted...

rabbit said...

I have to agree with MaryAlice, I have watched the show and it just gets more silly with each episode. I think that the show is actually being shown in reverse order and the "bomb" is what the show is going to do! If we are going to do fantasy....Surface was better and they took it off the air lickety split!
ReeRee Rabbit