Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do YOU Like Pie ??

I had a a homemade Coconut Cream Pie that my sister made....she's well aware that it is my Favorite...She is now currently my "favorite sister". Of course, of the three, she is in the closest proximity to me so... Anyway, I love desert and Pie is truly up there with my favorites..People that say they don't like desert.......they are lying and that's all there is to it, everyone needs a little sweetening every once in a while.

My sister's Pie was so good I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it..It was there and then POOF it was gone.

Mom's Apple Pie

I had a camera with me when these other 2 pies came around...My favorite MOM made this Apple Pie and it was lovely, served warm with ice cream...I wonder this is an archival photo...When oh When will she make another one??

My Strawberry Pie

Yes I make a wonderful Strawberry Pie!! I "borrowed" the recipe from MOM, but I did such a good job with it that she's has said I am in charge of making them now.....That's not right Pies taste so much better when they are made for you....This Strawberry Delight is best served with Fresh Whipped Cream.

My "Favorite Youngest Sister" says she makes a lovely Cherry Pie, unfortunately we have no Photographic Evidence to support that statement. While there are some lingering memories of the purported pie, It would be nice to see her make an effort to make this pie soon...I mean the Coconut Cream Pie is gone!! We need another pie!!

All of these Pies are good for your Abs!!


ANTLER said...

Damm Your Eyes! Is this a bid for Cherry PIE!!!!! and what's this about "favorite sister"????????? I'm telling mom!!!!!!

ANTLER (aka: Thumbs)

mwgrl5 said...

I love pie especially Strawberry Pie and Pecan Pie. Is there any chance of seeing that Strawberry Pie recipe online in the future? :)

Enjoyed your blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm only the favorite because of the pie. He changes his allegiance as soon as his gastric desires are FULL-filled!!! By the way, I'd like to taste this cherry pie too.


TOM said...

Antler YES

mwgirl...I'll get it for you

#2 You are my favorite "middle" sister!!

Unacknowledged Genius said...

coconut cream is my favorite too!
rhubarb runs a close second.

I'm hungry now.

Nan said...

God your family cooks tasty looking food! My family certainly have some cooking to do before they get even close! You made me crave candy and spongy muffins now!

TOM said...

Genius AND NAN, I think you should both just give in and go indulge in your favorite sweets!!

A.I. Editor said...

I like beef pie, not the dry type but the gravy type.

Where do I place my order?


Milly Moo said...

Do you have a recipe for the coconut cream pie? THe only time I've ever heard of those was during the Gilligan's Island re-runs (I know I know, no Hershey's no Benny and Jerry's - no wonder I'm addicted to chocolate)

TOM said...

A.I. Thwaites in Methuen MA..awesome Pork Pies

Milly for you I'll get the recipe

Audrey said...

Coconut cream pie sounds delicious, but nothing quite beats a momas home made apple pie....although cherry pie could give it a good run for its money......I just looooooooooooove cherries.

My sister in law in NJ used to make this cream coconut dish with lots of fresh fruits and marshamallows I think she called it that coconut cream pie????

OMG Im drooling at the mouth now :)

toes said...

AUDREY: Ambrosia is very different from coconut cream pie, but is, nevertheless, also a delicious dessert.

Attila The Mom said...

First beavers and now pie. need to get a girlfriend!


Just kidding. ;-)

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! You can make strawberry pies!? That looks yummy!

Kuanyin said...

I like pie fights...these look delicious enough for one!