Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good News Bad News and More Good News

Bad News First, I did not have a winning Mega Millions Ticket !

Good News...No One Else did either and now the Pot is up to 140 MILLION dollars.!!

That means I'll take another chance on Friday...I've gotta a good feeling about Friday.

More Good news, Red Sox Won and Yankees Lost...EVEN Better, while I didn't get any winning lottery tickets yesterday I did score a couple of great tickets yesterday..

Red Sox Tickets for today's Afternoon Game at 1 PM EST

DICE-K is Pitching!!

I'll be behind the catcher, sort of...very nice seats and they were FREE

So I did win something yesterday!!


Carol said...

When you win the Lottery, don't forget us little people :) Go Sox!!

Stacy said...

Love baseball games, hate the Yankees, love 140 million and when you hit it remember this, we(me and you)are relatives.

Milly Moo said...

Have fun at the ball game - fingers crossed that my dear old Adelaide Crows football team get into the finals come September

I too am a tragic lottery freak - someday, my turn will come!

Rain said...

Me loves me some baseball :)Lucky you, free tickets!

The most I have ever won in the California lottery was $500 late last year. Good luck!

Wally Banners said...

I like it your so positive i truly hope you win :)