Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Survey Says!! Based on Poll from last POST

Well at the polls the votes are in and so far Aliens are ahead, it's early but I think the comments I received presented a few good ideas...While Men, Domestic Animals and Massage Oil didn't get many votes, "Animals in general" didn't get ANY votes as of this posting. I did eat a Hamburger tonight and last night it was chicken...I do care about animals in general...I tend to like my Steaks Medium Rare and my Chicken Crispy...mmm I'm getting hungry

Women did get twice the votes men got.

I must say I am much more interested in women than men !!

Women are so Smart and well they are WOMEN for cryin' out loud, the secrets out...I like em!!

Children did as well as women so they can't say no one is thinking about them, those little brats !!

Choo Choo steamed into the comment section on her "Crazy Train" and wanted me to write about politicians...As yet I haven't received any money from the 2008 Candidates who have collectively raised about 420 million dollars for their respective campaigns...I will endorse the first one that sends me, say, $1 MILLION DOLLARS, hell I write about them right on up to the big day..I might even vote for them...I figure, by taking all that money they are selling themselves out, to the Corporations and Special Interest Groups that really run the country.

Clearly my vote is FOR SALE, bidding starts at 1Million and I'll ask anyone who directly benefits from my "Vote Sale" to follow my lead at the polls. Until I get that money...I'm not going to talk about any of those wretched people. Oh Mike Gravel of AK and Alan Keyes of MD haven't even raised a million for their campaigns combined, so if I had to vote I'd probably vote for one of them...I like the underdog!!

Another comment from , "Hollywood" mentioned writing about the 43rd Parallel, interesting if obscure. By coincidence , the 43rd Parallel runs through New Hampshire where there is a big Presidential Primary going on tonight!!

Sharon had my favorite comment, She wondered why MASSAGE OIL wasn't getting the votes...Sharon, let me say this ...I don't know!! But I like Massage oil and You Like massage oil and .....

Oh, damn!! My communicator just beeped...The Mother Ship is Here.......I'll be BACK!!


Robert said...

Since we're having Parallel thoughts, we could take a walk a little further north to the 45th Parallel - also in the state of New Hampshire.
Since the 45th Parallel North is "half-way" (between the North Pole and the equator), it is a perfect resting place for those undecided fence-sitters who can't decide who to vote for.

newnorth said...

ummm, you pretty much talked about everything except aliens. ;)

TOM said...

Robert, I'll probably vote for myself

Nenworth...when we vote for things in this country we hardly ever get what we voted for!!

AintNeverScared said...

I got my eyes on Sharon and her massage oil. Better watch her back and steer clear of my man. I'm the sexy campaign manager remember, and I say which hussies come around with their snake oils and shit.

AintNeverScared said...

PS...why doesn't Chi-Town ever show up on the "10 Latest Visitors" list??? Whaddup?