Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eternally Optimistic, Happy Valentine's Day

Despite having played the same numbers for the last 4 or 5 drawings of the Mega-Millions Lottery and not getting even 1 of my numbers to come out does not dampen my spirits.

The fact that no one else won only makes each drawing that much more exciting!!

I think it was around 30 Million when I started playing and now the Jackpot is at 179 Million dollars..

I like to say "Million Dollars" like Austin Powers's so much more fun!!

I got a lucky Email" yesterday that I was supposed to forward to 20 friends and I would receive good luck...I am pretty sure sending those stupid chain letters on just spreads bad Karma...I didn't do it!! I am proud that I was able to resist the lure of getting good luck by putting the burden of sending that stupid letter out to 20 people who would then either do it or live with the guilt of not doing it...either way I've saved a potential 400 people by just deleting that dumb thing.

I am Eternally Optimistic that I will win Mega Millions...Friday it's gonna be big!

I have BIG plans, but I can change them if it doesn't work out.

I figure the longer my numbers don't get picked raises their chance of coming out all at once!!

I am not sure if that is a proven statistic but I like to think it is.

Plus I have a good luck charm in Chicago !!

So, while the drawing won't be until the day after Valentine's Day....maybe someone will want to jump on my lucky train and claim me as their Valentine??

Who knows....I'm feeling very lucky!!


newnorth said...

good luck! See there I'm trying to give you some luck to make up the luck you forfeited by not forwarding that email. Chain letters, yuck.

oh, and how much do blog friends get? :p

TOM said...

Nenworth, Blogfriends will be flown to a secret location where we will have a rip roaring good time...Even if you are from SINGAPORE

AintNeverScared said...

Ha, I'll jump on your "lucky train," if that's what you want to call it :)

Chicago is bursting with the luck of the Irish ;)

Birdie said...

Wow. Now that is what I call a commitment. :)

Rain said...

Happy Valentines Day, Tom!


TOM said...

Aintnever "ALL ABOARD!!"

Birdie..Some things are important (-:

Rain..Back At YA

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
*throws chocolates and red roses*

eastcoastlife said...

*runs back to steal a kiss from Tom*

Stacy said...

If you win that lottery, you can be my Valentine. Yes, I am serious!

TOM said...

Eastcoast..So Nice you visited twice!! Thanks for showering me with gifts!!

Stacy, "IF" I don't win can we still be friends??

Anonymous said...

If I win I'll share with you Tom. I didn't send the chain mail either. I hope we aren't cursed!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Red Dress - you know who!!!!!

choochoo said...

I'll claim ya as my valenting juuust as soon as you win the million.

Anonymous said...

Well, tonight we will all know "IF" there is a winner. Hope springs eternal,as they say??? Received two
"quick picks" on Valentine's Day.
with luck, the Lottery won't break my heart! unowho

Anonymous said...

Well, there went $2 in the crapper. Hope somebody won something. Maybe with all the money the State gets to put in the coffers, they can now fix some of the gaping potholes on our roads. unowho