Sunday, March 09, 2008

How Smart Are You??

I've set up Tom's Trivia Challenge Tournament at the Fun Trivia site. You can sign up and play against other visitors to Tom's Hideaway...The first step of course is signing up, so follow the link above and warm up...The first week of the challenge will be to get people signed up and Next Week I will erase the stats and we will begin a weekly points challenge..

Of course if you don't sign up then it won't be any fun, I'll just have to post my name every week as being the smartest one out there..

At the ended of every week I will list the Top Point Getter and post there names and web site if they would like me to and....Even though this is sign-up week..I will include this week as well..

Next Sunday will be the first posting of winners

SIGN UP and we will see who will win Tom's Trivia Challenge


Sally said...

Game on!!

TOM said...

Sally so GLAD you are playing!!

PG said...

I am in. Just added you to my reader by the way. Nice site.

TOM said...

PG, good to have you here!! It's nice to have another New Englander cause we're "Wicked Smahrt"

Sally said...

Hey what is the prize when I win? ;-)

TOM said...

Sally, IF you win I'll a write about your True Genius!! Of course that's a big IF..(-: I feel like I'll come on strong (-: