Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old Paint Factory Gloucester, MA

The old paint factory in Gloucester, MA

Apparently there is an effort to turn this building into a single family home. The city requires the owners to keep the exterior as close as possible to the present look.

Hopefully they'll get the lead out of the inside as well> I am sure there is a toxic waste zone around that building. It is cool to look at sitting on the edge of the inner harbor in Gloucester, MA. Aside from the Gloucester Fisherman, the one you see pictured on the front of Gorton's Frozen Fish products, the Paint Factory is one of the most recognizable places in Gloucester, MA

It would be nice to make it habitable and nice to look at.

Another building that is just a few miles away in Rockport, MA is Motif #1 which is an old fish shack off Bearskin Neck on Bradley Wharf in Rockport, MA. It's been called "America's most-painted building" I am not sure how accurate that claim is but I do know that in the Blizzard of 1978 it was swept into the harbor and was subsequently re-built to look like it always had. Below are Before and After pictures:

Above, this Picture taken by dad in early 70's

Below , a picture of the same building after it was rebuilt

Photographer: Ian Britton

After the Blizzard it was re-built by the people of Rockport because it had been such a landmark for the town and the thousands of tourists that make it there every year

I think that city of Gloucester may very well be right in asking any future owners of the Paint Factory to try and keep the same look as it has today.

And that's all I got today and it was tough. I had no idea what to write about because my score on Tom's Trivia Quiz was so high it was difficult to come down from the euphoria of finally getting a good score!!

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Beth said...

Great pictures!

TOM said...

Thanks Beth, the first one is mine, 2nd Dad's and the third I borrowed!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Gorgeous photos and great commentary. I love learning more of the world each time I visit blogs.


TOM said...

JJ, I love the company, see you around!

eastcoastlife said...

The old paint factory and fish shack would cost a fortune in Singapore! It has the views of the water, for the Chinese, water is a great element in Fengshui. Crudely said, it means money!

Can you find out how I can qualify as a developer in your city?

TOM said...

ECL I am sure you could find something on the water that wouldn't need quite as much work!

Ken Albin said...

Well, that first building would at least be well preserved! Great photos.

Stacy said...

Always painted red? I hear barns were painted red because the red paint was cheapest and the reason red paint was cheapest was because everyone painted their barns red. Now which one is the chicken and which is the egg? Is that on your trivia challenge?