Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trivia WeeklyRoundup, Player Picture Series continued

I received several pictures for the Tom's Trivia Players Picture Series this week and

I will be posting a couple today and throughout the week.

I would love more to participate so that we could put a face to those players we compete with each week.

Today we have our first picture from one of our International Players:

MARINMARBURG circa 1963-64


Flower Lover
Our Favorite German Contestant
First to ever comment here at Tom's Hideaway
Fan of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

Oh and she's #361 on the Million Blog List!!

Thanks for you photos Marina !!

It's funny I was in Germany in 1963 - 64, see below...

Tom, International Playboy
This Weeks Top Trivia Points Getter
Handsome in is

........I wonder if we ever crossed paths back then Marina!!

And Yes I let it out of the bag...Here are the result for the past week in Tom's Trivia Challenge

Weekly Rank Player Total Points for week Overall Rank
1 Tom 76 2
2 Operator9 75 1
3 kathlock 69 4
4 Sally 61 5
5 PG 60 3

As you can see above...Tom, that's ME, was th Number 1 Point getter for the past week!! Boo YEAH!!!

We had 3 new players this week and hope that all those who played will keep on coming. Remember the more frequently you play the more points you get...You are always in the game at Tom's Trivia Challenge...Sign Up and play..It's Free


Anonymous said...

At time of photo of Tom in lederhosen, we were living in Weilerbach, Germany near Saar River.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that TOM has the most pictures posted. Is he going for points in the cuteness factor? I realize it's your Blog but how about some pictures of the rest of us!!


TOM said...

Unowho....Do I Know You>>>he he he

Anon #2...Did you notice Marina?? and I have "Some" pictures people would never want to see posted..if you know what I mean, Muwahhaha!!!

As I said in my post I will be posting pics I've receied !! Did you notice how adorable I am in those lederhosen???

AintNeverScared said...

You've always been adorable, evidently. Sigh ...

Who can I complain to about the outrageous number of "football" (i.e. SOCCER) questions that I get on Trivia? ;)

Momzy said...

Marina looks so sweet there in the garden, Love the bow in her hair.... My Mom always put bows in my hair too.

TOM said...

A.N.S...Truly the adorable one here is Marina..but if you are talking about me....thanks!!

Momzy..we will have to find a picture of you with one!!