Monday, May 12, 2008

Trivia Players Picture Series, 4 New Faces!!

The Player Pictures have really started coming in fast..If you missed any of the new pictures be sure to check the Picture Gallery or view the slide show located in the upper right hand corner...clicking on that will take you right to the entire gallery of players too.

While there you can leave comments on individual pictures of those players you are up against in Tom's Trivia Challenge...Please be nice!!

That's JLO on the Left and IQ on the right
Little Sis and Big Bro
One lives on the East coast and one on the West

IT'S....Gutterguy !!
Seamless Gutter Specialist
Owns his own Pond

Quiet now!!..It's SAS!!....She's thinking about her trivia question....

Okay, She's got it!!

SAS is a big fan of Gutterguy!
Loves to Sail
Rescues Parakeets
and enjoys dining out

Thanks to all the players that have sent in their pictures !!


Bunny said...

SAS - I have a picture with really short bangs too!! What's up with that hair style??? Were our parents afraid the bangs would get in our eyes or something.....Or did they have trouble getting them straight line across the our face? Go figure...

Anonymous said...

I look good :)


TOM said...

Bunny must have been the age of short bangs..That was a long time ago..LOL

Hollywood....Your So Vain!!! Actually...I think you meant to sign that off as IQ and I'd say that boy has some good genes!!

momzy said...

It's really difficult to achieve a good cut on "bangs" when the subject is in almost constant motion!!!