Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekly Winner, Trivia Update and Celtics Win

We have a 1st Time winner today and she came on strong winning the past 2 days of competition.

Congratulations go out to :


Great Job Momzy !!

Here is the breakdown for the top 5 for last week:

Player Weekly Pts Overall Standing
1.momzy 122 11
2.dawtch 93 3
3.PG 79 1
4.kathlock 76 2
5.Tom 69 4

Of course the big move for Momzy came over the last 2 days of the week with 2 consecutive wins..Dawtch has continued her strong play and there's a real battle going on between Kathlock and PG. Tom managed to squeak in there too..I'm giving myself a pat on the back.

The weeks quizzes were not all that easy, Science and Religion posed some real problems for people. I saw the comments on the Trivia Page so I asked for a vote for this weeks categories and while there were not too many voters out there we did get enough to make it official.

This weeks category will be Fun Trivia Mix...All Week... Every Day !

This week will reveal not only the Weekly winner which I track, but the Monthly winner will also be Highlighted.

The question is will it be PG or Kathlock ???


I wonder if the announcer with one name "MASON" regrets the way he introduced the Boston Celtics in Detroit last night.

He started by telling the partisan crowd that he was about to introduce " Some of the greatest athletes in the world" and the crowd cheered, then he said "But first let me introduce the starting lineup for the Boston Celtics!!"

OUCH, that was a bit of a snub!

So the apparent not so great Celtics Players took the floor and subsequently took the game with a commanding performance , winning by 14 points, 94-80

Great Job Celtics


Kath Lockett said...

Alrighty PG - the battle is ON my friend!! :)

Congrats to Momzy too because this weeks trivia quizzes were HARD!

PG said...

yeah, goodonya momzy. it was a brutal week.

Kath, I am feeling good, you will have your work cut out for you. (assuming I don't forget to play some day!). :-)

Momzy said...

Nobody is more surprised than me!!!! Finally, me and the "mouse" seem to be in sync!