Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celtics vs Lakers, and Letting off some GAS!!

The Celtics take the floor again tonight against the L. A. Lakers at the Staples Center in Sunny California tonight.

Tuesday the Celtics lost but tonight I am hoping for better results and I am feeling pretty pumped up about the game.

I think Paul Pierce will come back and play a great game after his sub-par performance on Tuesday.

So let me start off the evening with a big Shout Out from Boston...

BEAT L.A. !!!!

In other news The Mighty Boston Red Sox are still in first place and won another last night...

In Gasoline News...I received an email today asking me to boycott oil companies that import their oil from countries that support terrorism....I checked around and found the following site:

Terror-Free Oil Initiative

It's worth a look to see if you are in any way helping to support those countries that seem to think blowing themselves up and killing innocent people is OK.

I don't have a car but I do use one occasionally and I guess I'll be sure to go to HESS Gas in the future. I just wish they would pump it for me..I hate doing it myself.

Remember when the Gas Station Attendant would pump your gas and wash your windows too??

Anyway I am all for boycotting bad companies..

Especially Oil Companies !!


AintNeverScared said...


I'M BAAAAACK!!! my baby, my laptop is back and better than ever! expect me to fill your inbox (heh heh, that sounds dirty)

unowho said...

When it cost more to fill the gas tank than go grocery shopping, I think we are in trouble!

PG said...


TOM said...'s good, no great to have you back! true!

PG...Awesome 2nd half!!