Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Month, New Week and I made a boo boo

There will be a slight difference in the weekly winner scores for this coming Sunday. They will be based on the scores everyone gets starting today thru Saturday the 5th.

I lost some of the stats from Sunday so for this week there will only be 5 days instead of 7 for the week. Next week everything will be back to normal, well as normal as it gets here anyway. Sorry!!

Congrats to Kathlock who topped all scorers for the past month !!

I see aintneverscared has thrown down her desire to OWN the Trivia Scores this month....

I see Dawtch taking the top spot 3 of the last 4 days

kathlock continues to show us how sharp an Aussie girl from DownUnder can be while PG has been dropping more games than the Red Sox..

Let's see if we can get a new 1st place finisher for July. I love Kathlock and PG and I want them playing every day..They make me want to do better so I'm urging everyone else to kick some butt this month and let's give those two champs a run for it.


choochoo said...

I make tons of boo boo's all the time, but as long as I can blame it on someone else, I'm fine with that. Muahahaha

TOM said...

Choo Choo, I don't know I think this might have been my 1st, well my 1st in July anyway !!

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Tom, but a note to everybody playing - kick PG's butt, not mine 'cos this is the first month I've won and he wins all the time..!! :)