Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Toy and an Old Song

I got myself a New Toy today...A Fuji Finepix S1000 10 Megapixel Digital Camera with a 12x Optical Zoom...

Wooo Hooo ..

I never buy myself anything so I splurged a little on this one.

It's of course so pictures here at Tom's Hideaway are of the best possible quality !!

Here are the first 2 shots:

Anne's Orchids

Minnie, resting on Dad's Shoe.

Now there will be a lot more to follow, both here and my poor lonely Hideaway Picture Blog !!
So Lets Celebrate the new camera with an appropriate song titled

New Toy !!

Oh AY OH !!

That Lene Lovich what a snappy dresser!!


Kath Lockett said...

Both of the photos are brilliant, Tom. Mine always come out blurry or I get my thumb in the bottom left hand corner...

...or I drool on the chocolate I'm supposed to be photographing in order to make it a visual food porn to accompany the review I'm writing....

TOM said...

Kath, thanks for the kudos on the pics!! I just have to learn to write like you now..As far as drooling on the chocolate...I guess it's a law or something that "If you drool on the chocolate, you must then Eat the chocolate" Set off some fireworks down under US Americans are celebrating Independence Day today!!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Independence Day, Tom!
Woot! A new camera and the orchids are pretty.
Enjoy your long weekend!