Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trivia Update, Weekly Winners

After a week of really twisted tests, I tried to mix it up a little and throw out some tough ones over the past week. Talk about shooting myself in the foot !! Well it's over and we are back to the Fun Trivia Tests for the most part...

This weeks Weekly Points winner is no surprise, what is amazing is the number of points he got in 1 week

132 POINTS !! WOW!!!

Like last week, he's back AGAIN !! Big Congrats to PG you are #1 for the week and it looks like you will take that #1 for the month too!!

For everyone else out there...we still have a few days left in July...Make it in the top 10 for the month and YOU TOO can be in the Hall of Fame.....

The Weekly Top 5 Scorers were .....

Player Total Points Overall Rank
1. PG 132 1
2.Sneaky 85 14
3.Operator9 81 3
4. Sally 79 5
5. The_IQ 77 13

Looks like we need some Pictures for the player series for Sneaky and Sally !!

1 new player MsTerious joined us this past week and we welcome...Her !!

Good luck everyone


PG said...

HEY! Don't count my chickens yet Tom!! I have been known to miss a day here and there. I have also been known to put up a 5 point performance once in a while.

Jay said...

yes of course i'm still around, still visiting even, i just find that i can't possibly compete around here, so i sit back and watch the show!