Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trivia Update, Weekly Winners

Hello everyone !!

Happy Sunday !!

Another week has sped by and with the scores this week I HAD to add another stat for the weekly point winner's scoreboard

Last week I mentioned that for the 1st time the top 5 "Point Getters" were also the top 5 "Overall Players" I said:

"Usually we see someone in 11th or 12th making a run at it so I guess everyone under the top 5 players has to step up their game, Me Included !!"

Well come from behind was what our Weekly Winner has done ! All the way from 25th place and the new winner this week with 131 Points ......


The Vinyl Villager !!

To stress what the Villager has done and what really makes him a contender to make a surprising finish for the month is that he has only played 14 out of 23 days for the month of August !! That's 5 fewer days than anyone in the top 20 players.

Nice Job !!

Please take time to follow the link above and visit his web site, also located in the Blogs I like Section in my sidebar.

Player Total Points Overall Rank Last weeks Rank
1. TheVinylVillager 133 9 25
2. dawtch 105 1 2
3.Tom 88 5 9
4. Shaun 86 3 4
5. PG 81 2 1

Congrats the other 5 finishers !! Oh There's me !!

One thing I'd like to mention is there are several players we can't put a face to!! We have 30 Photos in Tom's Trivia Picture Series but several players are not there. I ask for a picture from your childhood, PG Excepted as his were lost, and I will post it along with the others already there !!

Send it to me via email, in my sidebar.

I will not share your email or any information other than your Blog, if you have one, or just the bio you send me along with the photo !!

Have a Great Week everyone

Oh and if you aren't playing in Tom's Trivia Challenge what are you waiting for ??

Sign Up, it's free and will only take up a about a minute of your day !!


TheVinylVillager said...

woo hoo!!
Im shocked...LOL!

Sally said...

Tom, this is Rose on Sally's laptop. How do I post my picture? I have moved quite a bit and things like pictures from my youth are scattered all over but I am sure I can find something suitable to use.

TOM said...

Sally my email is in the sidebar under the profile,

1) you can send me a picture as an attatchement

2) email or comment on the blog leave me a url where you have a picture like Picasa, Photobucket or Flickr and I'll copy it and post it to the Trivia Picture Series!!

Sally said...

Tom, thank you! I may have to wait for Sally to return so she can scan the picture. Machines and me are not friends! I have no plans to ever own a computer. I use Sally's laptop when she mentioned your trivia tournament. Is there any other reason?

TOM said...

Rose I can't think of a better reason to go online than to Play Tom's Trivia Challenge LOL