Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trivia Update, Weekly Winners

Me and the Grandkids

It's that time again !!
Last week was one of the tightest battles for the top Weekly Points Winner over at Tom's Trivia Challenge but I'll get to that in a minute.

First I'd like to welcome our newest players:
  1. TheIncredible Woody
  2. TrailerParkBarbie
  3. Jekyl
  4. CindyH58
Thanks for playing and hope to see you all playing to win in the coming weeks !

Read on and find out what you can win!!

Last weeks race had the top 3 point getters separated by only 1 Point !!!

Maybe it's the Democratic National Convention that got him stirred up !!

A Big Congrats to:
SHAUN with 111 Points, he's an unabashed Democrat coming to us from the Washington State and author of The Upper Left a blog where he talks about politics and shares his views on the coming Presidential Election.

Shaun is a husband, father, grandpa and Vietnam Vet who has been involved in the Political Process for a long time .
Make sure you go and see his blog, even if you aren't a Democrat!! Congrats again to Shaun and The Upper Left.... read the rest of his Bio.

The Weekly Score Card :

Player Total Points Overall Rank Last weeks Rank
1. Shaun 111 3 3
2. PG 110 2 2
3.Dawtch 109 1 1
4. Sneaky 98 14 18
5. TheVinylVillager 81 7 9

Looking at the scores you can see that Dawtch has a race on her hands and today marks the last day of August.... Will she hold off Shaun and PG for the top spot ? Good to see Sneaky, first time Top Fiver, in the mix at number 4 and The Vinyl Villager, last weeks winner, continues to make the cut.

Congrats to all and thanks for playing !!

What happens when you win here ....

The Top 5 Weekly Point Winners are posted each week at Tom's Hideaway .

If you are a blog owner I will link back to your blog if you take the #1 spot for the week! Those who finish 2nd thru 5th are also posted and if you have submitted a picture of yourself as a child to Tom for the Trivia Player Series I post a link back to your picture.( my email is on the sidebar or link me up with a picture of yourself in the comment area)

If you win the entire month, even finish in the Top 10, you are immortalized forever in the Trivia Players Hall Of Fame on the Trivia Site.. I'm there, come join me!!

Check out the Your Competition and get an idea who you are playing against at the Trivia Players Picture Series


eastcoastlife said...

Congrats to Shaun!!

That's a lovely picture of you and your grandkids. The baby is so adorable! *koochi koochi koochi*


Love that picture Dad. I will have to make a 5 x 7 for my living room