Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dad's 80th Birthday

The family...about 22 of us got together at a local restaurant for my Dad's 80th Birthday..

Mom and Dad

We went to Pennsylvania and brought his little sister Alice up for the celebration...She's only 36 and has Natural White Hair

Mom started hitting the rum a little to hard and turned into a Pirate....AAARRRRGH !

Actually I think she was a little upset she didn't get any of Dad's ice crea

Happy Birthday DAD !!


Annie said...

Dad - I think you should wear your crown everyday! Annie

TheVinylVillager said...

what?? no beer pong? LOL!

TOM said...

Annie...I like the hat too

Vinyl We didn't have a keg for this party !! LOL

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with Vinyl Villager - surely there was a game of beer pong after the pirates and icecream?

choochoo said...

Looks like fun:D

Momzy said...

Honest!!!! Granny was only joking with the kids @ beer-pong and the pirate garb.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gramps :)

Dawtch said...

Happy Birthday Tom's Dad :)

Rain said...

Happy Birthday to Tom's Dad!

You're mom would be right at home on my ship :)

Waving to you all the way from California

marsha said...

A little late..but happy birthday to your dad. It's looks as if everyone had a good time.