Monday, January 19, 2009

Being Dead isn't All bad

No Taxes, sure the IRS and State Department of Revenue will garnish some of the money you leave behind, the so called "Death Tax" but really, if you are dead it really won't affect you at all.

Have you ever just wanted to lay around all day and do nothing? Well when you are dead that's easy !!

No Rent, No Mortgage, No College Tuition, No need for roll over minutes...Bottom Line, No BILLS!

No stupid commercials !!

No Laundry

Yeah, and here's the picture I took today that put this post in my head!!

No shoveling !!

Okay I'm not ready to cash in my chips, but I am really getting tired of all this SNOW!!

Whatever happened to good ol' Global Warming ?


unowho said...

Kind of a gloomy post, Tom. Just try to remember how much your snow removal skills me to us and, Spring will be here before you know it!

Skinhead Barbiedoll said...


TOM said...

Unowho, can't wait for spring!!

Skinhead..It's probably colder where you are!!

choochoo said...

Global warming... well, it's not here, thats for damn sure. We're in snow up to our knees.

Kath Lockett said...

Feeling cheerful today, hey mate?

SNOW - it's been hot hot hot here, and the only 'snow' we've seen was a kind of artificial crunchy ice that the Melbourne aquarium put in for their Antarctic penguin exhibit!

Momzy said...

Kath: Wish we could send you some of our snow, we're running out of places to put it! The weather is typical New England, USA and we chose to live here, so guess we can't complain!

Dawtch said...

I am so jealous! Why can't
I live somewhere normal for Goddess' sake!?!? North? Oh yeah, THEY have snow...East? - but of course...
West..? Snow out the wazooo. They even have snow SOUTH of us *snort*. But me...who wants snow..? NosireeBob - I don't get any! It's pathetic *sigh*
Beautiful shot, tho, and hey! I actually feel closer to alive than dead again, so I guess there is that...