Friday, March 20, 2009

We Made it

Team Hideaway has made it to the Washington DC area!! Thanks to the wonders of portable GPS, we made it with little or no traffic, NYCwas the exception' but no worse than anything I've come up against in Boston.

Last night I delivered some Schmitts Chocolate Truffles to my cousin that lives down here and picked up a parking pass that we will use to park close to Washington's Metro System, their subway.

We then grabbed a late bite to eat for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, a chain but not bad food, a couple beers and then went back to the hotel

Today we are headed to the National Mall where I will get some pictures to post. The Smithsonian Institute is right there to and I heard from someone that knows that it would take a person an average of 17 YEARS to read about everything on display or archived in any 1 of the 19 Museums they have !!

We will try to get in as much as we can !


Momzy said...

Hope you all have a great time in DC. The Smithsonian is a good place to start!

Robert said...

Since you didn't take the "Red Rocket" along for auto-reflective photographs, perhaps you can take some over the "White Wonder?"
Hope you have a good time.
On the way back home, wave to your left as you pass Yardville, just outside of Trenton (used to live there many, many years ago) on the Jersey Turnpike.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Hope you're having a great time - Minnie's looking all over for you! Will the zoo be open? What about driving by Aunt Millie's old house to see if it looks different? 8011 Glenbrook.
Have fun - stay safe - and remember to bring back the food specials!

Fatback! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha