Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama, Cold Blooded Killer

Flies Have Feelings too..

Photo Courtesy of tombunny.com

Coldly, with deadly efficiency, President Obama killed a fly during an interview at the Whitehouse the other day!!

The purported leader of the Free World apparently has no room in his world for the Fly!!

Who's next???

With this type of behavior it is easy to think he may just start bombing another country with little or no evidence of their wrongdoing...

Wait Bush did that in Iraq!!

The fact that the President swatting a fly even became news is the most surprising thing about this story.

P.E.T.A., the organization rallying around the rights of Flies, and all other bugs I can only assume, make statements about atrocities like this in order to get on the news and get free advertising at the same time. Yes, that's right someone out there is really going to be upset about this dead fly and send money to these lunatics....

They got upset about the death of cock roaches too!!

I am upset that any news agency at all even reported this, and here am lending them a hand!!

Well if you haven't seen a snuff movie before this is your chance...to see one:


Anonymous said...

PETA flushed whatever scrap of credibility they had left this time!

Too funny!

dawtch said...

s there a group that supports killing flies & cockroaches..? Cuz I'll send THEM money...

Kath Lockett said...

Super quick reflexes; that's what a world leader needs!