Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mint Tins..A Starter Collection

My first real Mint Tin Find..Is that Dick Cheney in Pin Stripes ??

I love having mints handy and I am a real fan of Altoids the "curiously strong peppermints" from England.

I wonder if he will go after the Candy Tax???

I find that the original can was too big to fit in my pocket, but Altoids came out with a handy smaller version of their mints.

Crazy thing is they charge just as much for the Smalls as they do for the larger mints

These Manly Mints were made with me in mind of course..

I love the tins though, they can be pretty funny depending on your political persuasion or your general manliness given the last can that was given to me...

I still buy the Big Can of Altoids and I just refill all my small cans of mints...that's how I roll in these tough economic times..

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