Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding scheduled for Saturday and Murphy's Law

The House and Yard
The  Mermaids View
Porch and Garden
 The Quarry off the back yard

A beautiful setting. A friend and I  rushed  to paint his  house, a wedding scheduled in just 3 days and then Murphy's law comes into play.

The groom, home alone and trying to get the house shaped up climbed just a few feet up a ladder to fix a broken eave ,  a bee came flying towards him. Highly allergic to bees, he backed away, lost his balance and fell from the ladder shattering his knee.

After crawling to a phone and calling an ambulance he was taken to a Boston Hospital where he has had 2 surgeries, pins inserted in his leg and  all sorts of other crap that he and his fiance were not planning to do for this wedding to take place Saturday, just 3 days away.

He has vowed not to cancel a thing and while I believe he may be at the mercy of some of his doctors right now, I kinda think he will make it, in a wheelchair, but he'll be there. 

I'm rooting for him !

The good news:

He's alive, which is far better than the alternative

He didn't get a head injury,  but his fiance may still want to inflict that one.


Robert said...

That mermaid should have played her position a little closer to the house and caught him in the bowl.

Score that as an error on the mermaid.

Kath Lockett said...

Er Tom, sweetie? Dearest lovie puss darling sweetie boy?

Saying "I'm rooting for him" here in Australia is saying that you're ~~ahem~~ offering to step in and perform the wedding night nookie for your buddy!

TOM said...

Robert, the Mermaid isn't real, Ha Ha

Kath, err maybe I should have said "Cheering"

choochoo said...

VERY nice place. And so much nicer for all the green stuff. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the animal kingdom is out to get us :D

PG said...

having taken a shine to AFL (Australian Football) I know all too well about the rooting conundrum. Although 99% of folks in these parts think nothing about 'rooting' for a team I still find myself feeling awkward about the term and usually shy away from it.

all the best to the happy couple. years from now they will think fondly of the odd circumstances.

Momzy said...

Better brush up on your Aussie slang.

Anonymous said...

I saw that the wedding took place. He made the evening news as they left the wedding in an ambulance instead of a limo!