Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lasagna Smack Down

On the banks of a local pond, at a house tucked away - on an island I never new existed -  in a town I spent a good part of my youth, was the first LASAGNA Smackdown I have ever been to.

I arrived at  the secret island location by crossing a bridge (Arrow top right ) And then found the home of Fred and Michelle's tree shrouded villa. (Arrow on left)

A cook off which put 6 variations of Lasagna up for tasting. 

While everyone at this gathering had good things to say about all the entries, for me there were 3 stand outs

There were 2 Mexican Variations of this Italian Classic, the Meat one , a bit spicier and the Chicken one, a bit milder  = BOTH delicious.

My favorite, prepared by the Hostess of this Food Fiesta, was the Cold Lasagna filled with vegetables and just seemed a perfect pasta dish for the hot summer night.

There was no official vote taken and all but one pie, which was good but found to have been purchased at an Italian Bakery and was entered into this contest under the guise of homemade,  could have been winners.  

A special note: the contestant that entered the illegal pie was later exonerated for his underhanded entry after he produced a bottle of Homemade Sambuca .=  Delicious!!

All in all I am looking forward to another food smackdown!

picture courtesy of Google Maps


Kath Lockett said...

Tom sweetie dearest, it sounds as though your diet is going as well as my 'chocolate reduction' efforts!

TOM said...

Kath, you are so right about that!!