Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Facts

The top 5 Insurance Companies made some serious money in 2008

Company Profits: CEO Total Compensation:
UnitedHealth Group $2,977,000,000 $5,030,000
WellPoint $2,490,700,000 $4,070,000
Atena $1,384,100,000 $38,860,000
Humana $647,000,000 $2,390,000
Cigna $292,000,000 $30,016,000

In 2009 they are waging a battle in Washington to keep those profits coming and believe me it's war.. January through March of this year the health insurance industry and their lobbyists spent 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY to fight or rather structure health care reform so that they won't lose a penny in profits.

The cover of the Aug 17, 2009 edition of Business Week Magazine - "Health Reform - Why Insurers Are Winning"

These guys don't want to see there Billion Dollar profit margins go away and they will do everything they can from greasing the palms of fiscally conservative Democrats like Congressman Jim Matheson, leader of the Blue Dog Coalition,
to scaring the general public with expensive commercials insinuating that the government will somehow deny care to the sick

(Nearly 54 percent of the Blue Dog PAC’s haul this year comes from the energy, financial services and health care industries, up from 45 percent in 2004: according to analysis of CQ MoneyLine data by the Center for Public Integrity:

And yet those same insurance companies pay doctors in their own employ bonuses for DENYING care to their own customers.

What totally mystifies me is that there are so many people out there don't realize that the President of the United States is fighting to make changes in this broken system of health care, they just see him as the enemy!!

Guess what!! 5 percent of the U.S. Economy is spent on health care and what does all that money get you?? The worst results of any Western Civilized Nation.

Here are some links to those better informed than myself...

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Don't believe that because you currently pay for private insurance that you will be covered for everything...read more about those people in the same position as you that are paying the far higher price of watching a loved one suffer because their insurance company has denied them for the care they require.

The Insurance companies are spending over 1 million dollars a day to keep things the same, to slow reform or to make it more profitable for them than it is already. It's hard to compete with that.


Kath Lockett said...

Fight the good fight - you know, Obama would do worse than look to Australia's public health system for a bit of advice.... It ain't perfect but doesn't seem quite as scare-mongered and dysfunctional.....

Tzeitel (Stacy) said...

The insurance industry and big pharma are holding all the money and lobbying to keep it all business as usual while America has one of the worst track records of the developed world with respect to health care and infant mortality. The entire thing disgusts me and I can not understand any non- insurance or pharma company employee/ share holder NOT wanting some type of new deal reform. Makes me sick, as if I could afford to be- right.
(I like to feed your fish)

TOM said...

Kath, thanks, I'll have to read about the Aussie system.

Stacy I'm sick over it too, and hey thanks for feeding the fish..they are uninsured!!

Anonymous said...

tom, its a wonder to me how we can be friends and like one another. i can't stay quiet any longer. you really must show both sides of this healthcare. not just your view. giving the government more control over my life is very very disturbing to me. i am going to forward a small paragraph by paragraph explaination of some things in healthcare bill and if your hair doesn't stand on end i'd be very surprised. come on tom.....

Anonymous said...

ok tom, there is no big conspiracy here these are lifted word for word out of the proposed healthcare bill that you think is sooo good for us our country etc.

page 30 sec 123: there will be government committee that decides what treatments/benefits you get.

page 42: the heath choices commissioner will choose your health care benefits for you (No choice)

page 50 sec 152 Health care
will be proved to non -US citizens,illegal or otherwise.

page59 lines 21-24 Goverment will have direct access to your bank accounts for electronic funds transfer

page 85 line 7 Specifications of benefit levels for plans=the government will ration your health care! page 127 lines 1-16 the government will tell you what salary you can earn.

page 145 line15-17 ; an employer must auto enroll employees into the public option plan. there will be no choice.

page 167 lines 18-23; any individual who doesn't have acceptable health care according to the government will be taxed 2.5 percent of income. page 170 lines 1-3; any non-resident alien is exempt from individual taxes. ( AMERICANS WILL PAY ) page 195: Officers/ Employees of the government will have access to ALL Americans finances/ personal records.

page 241 lines 6-8 Doctors , no matter what specialty they have will be paid the same

page 253 line 10-18 Government sets values of doctors time, profession, judgement, etc. Literally the value of humans.

sooo Tom this sound good to you ?
seriously go to the web sight read the thousand or so page propsed healthcare bill. every American should . thanks, Bonnie

Anonymous said...

print this in your main page !!

TOM said...

To Bonnie:

The Wall Street journal printed this, so I'll leave a link...Why Obama's Health Care is Better

I will post your comment as my next post!!

Anonymous said...

jesus tom, it's sooooo amazing to me how your creatively you put your own interpretation of the health care bill into words. ....i am going to to take some time and answer all you said by posting directly from the 1000 or so page bill thats out on the internet for all to read. its just soooo amazing to me how two people can read the same thing and have two completely diferent interpretations. i still can't believe someone as liberal as you doesn't mind giving the government more control. and please stop bring bush into this. he
OBAMA is and is screwing up everything he does oh and i am very thankful for the patriot act i believe whole heartedly that it has saved many American lives.