Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Weather Ahead or Jealous in San Diego

Looking at the week ahead it seems that sunshine and 70 degree tempratures have been forecast for the San Diego, CA area. Poor miserable slobs.

Here in the Boston, Ma - We are , with the exception of a sunny dry day on Thursday, looking at rain over the next week !! Nice !!

Sorry San Diego !!


TerminallyUniq said...

Sadly, the outlook is almost identical out here in east-jesus-nowhere (a.k.a. Chicagoland)...only, our forecasted high is a mere 59F :(

Kath Lockett said...

It's spring down here, yet it hailed yesterday. My hands are too cold to type.

what the hell's going on?

dawtch said...

Yeah, here in Indiana we have it all! Smart Hoosiers keep long pants, shorts, jackets, sandals, snow boots and umbrellas all within reach this time of year...LOL

TOM said...

Terminally, don't be sad love the RAIN, play in it!!

Kath, I really don't know what's going on!!

Dawtch, People who live in areas where the weather changes frequently are , on average, smarter than everyone else...It's a FACT!!


Just started saving for my FL trip. Pellet stove is going :(

Kath Lockett said...

Hey Tom, It's me here again. I haven't been playing Trivia Challenge for a while 'cos I've been busy with, my review site about my favouritest thing in the world (besides Love Chunks and Sapphire).

Anyhoooo, come vist and see the 'Food Fetishes' meme because I'm now officially tagging you.

TerminallyUniq said...