Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanking the one's we could live without....

Without the people that make our blood boil, life might become boring. It's time to give thanks for those who have helped our hearts work a little harder by simply being themselves.  Help me start a new tradition by thanking the people we would love to send on a vacation to the Sun...

I want to thank all the nit wits, assholes, grumpy old codgers and little punks that pissed me off from time to time over the past year...Thanks guys, you make me feel like a much better person than I probably am.

Thankyou to Sarah Palin, without you, McCain might have gotten elected President of the United States...Thanks Sarah! 

Thanks to Senator John Ensign R-(NV) and the South Carolina Governor and leader of the Republican Govenor's Association the honorable Mark Sanford for having extramaritial affairs,  you have helped me to remember that most of you elected officials are lowlife scum, thanks guys!!

Thanks to Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service, if it wasn't for the zest your employees seem filled with every time they collect money from me I'd think that no one in government is doing their job, thanks guys...The check is in the mail !!

Thanks to the makers of Tamiflu and the Neighborhood Health Plan, you guys working together still managed to screw me for a $50 Co Pay for 10 pills,  I haven't been touched like that in years...Thanks Guys!!

I'll thank the nice people in a later post, is there anyone despicable enough out there that you would like to thank??

Please feel free to thank them in my comment section


choochoo said...

I want to thank about 2 out of 10 of the ppl who shop at the store where I work. Yeah, I can clone you morons, but the fact that I don't think it would necessarily be a great idea to keep a desk lamp next to your shower, clearly means that I'M the idiot in the shopping scenario. Thank you so much for shopping where I work. My day just wouldn't be the same without you.

TerminallyUniq said...

ahh, yes, this is a perfect post! well done! :)

i agree on mccain/palin for sure...and all the pharmaceutical companies...

also want to thank all the dickwads who enriched my life with so many challenges via the retail and food service industries in the past decade.

Kath Lockett said...

I like the way you're viewing things here, Tom.

I'd like to thank
* all the 'judges' on reality shows who show no discernible talent or intelligence themselves
* Perez Hilton; famous for loading photos with childish scribbles on them
* Any mental pygmy who, even if they STILL CAN'T BELIEVE that climate change is happening are still not doing anything to protect our environment
* Litterers, especially those that drop rubbish within a few steps from a bin
* Bullies
* Beyonce - I'd rather hear a cat being gutted for violin strings!

There. I feel better now. Where's that chocolate I just opened...?