Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

This past weekend was another one to remember...

With my daughter, her hubby and the kids it's always an increase in activity! The good kind that is. Seeing the kids always makes my day!!

 Anyway my oldest granddaughter wanted to do two things...see Avatar in 3d at the IMAX and go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. So we set out on Saturday morning and went into the museum via the Train and Subway...

The day started with a dusting of snow but as is typical in New England...it warmed up to 50 degrees later in the day with bright sunshine and blue skies.

I found a picture by a guy named Renoir just hanging on the wall..

He's not bad!

We ate lunch at the museum and my poor daughter was fighting off a headache the whole day!! The screaching sounds on the subway brakes didn't help the much...but she was a trooper.

 and doing just what her daughter wanted to do...

We got back home rested up and went to AVATAR later that night.. I love that 3d stuff...it's so cool.

The kids hit the road on Sunday morn and around lunch I hooked up with a couple friends and headed to Gloucester to the Cape Ann Community Cinema . Before the show I had a delicious Bloody Mary topped with big tasty olives and a succulent large shrimp and fresh celery at Elliot's at the Blackburn. Across the street at the cinema, we watched a bunch of Cartoons from the 30's, 40's and 50's that were banned...some not even available for sale today here in the USA!? But you can buy them in Japan. The theater is filled with comfy couches, the popcorn was fresh and we were able to bring in our own wine to sip on during the show!!

Gloucester Inner Harbor Feb 21, 2010

Anyway it was a Boston to Gloucester weekend and I hope everyone had a good one...today I am getting my finger operated on and so it may be awhile before I can type!!

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dawtch said...

awesome pics - love the shot of the snowy street...hope all goes well surgery - wise :)