Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Primal Update

For those who know me or live in close proximity, then you know,  I've quit smoking for nearly  2 months and been all about dieting, exercise and well making the cover of November's edition of Men's Health...We all have to have goals right??

I have been living on about 90% Primal Diet for about 8 weeks now
I Work out every other day
Just went down a waist size after dropping, conservatively, 18 pounds
No Bread, no baked goods, high protien and lots of big assed salads....I am sure I'll be approached soon for the cover of Men's Health or maybe MAD Magazine
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unowho said...

Next photo should show shirt tucked in so that your new TRIM waistline is visible.


Go Dad! You are looking great. I am sure you are feeling great too. I am proud of you . Keep it up all the hard work is showing

Kath Lockett said...

Tom, I haven't visited here for a while but you look AWESOME! Well bloody done mate!!

TOM said...

unowho, it's a little something called the style these days, watch out or I'll post a pic of you wearing your favorite shirt!!

Jen, Kath Thanks (-:

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Dizzy Dee said...

Hi Tom. Great work! I should follow your example - specially since summer is starting here!
Hope you're doing well otherwise!

TOM said...

Claudia thx for the tip.

DIZZY !! Great to hear from you, hope all is a Green in your world as it was your beautiful wedding day!