Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Give The Guy A Ticket !!

Yesterday after my morning shower I headed to the kitchen for much needed coffee. I switched the news on to get a weather update and the story making the news was a New Hampshire guy that got a ticket for speeding while he was hurrying to the hospital with his wife in's the story.

So this guy, speeding a 100+ MPH, to get his wife to the hospital deserves the ticket. He not only wasn't in a good frame of mind to be driving that fast, he put his entire family and others at risk...but there's more...

Again this morning he was on the news because I guess it wasn't big enough news day for anything else. The news station is polling people to see what the public thinks about this non story, 53% agreed with me but really I don't even want this information!

I just wanted to find out who won Mega Millions, sadly it wasn't me.

So to make matters worse, This guy , his wife and I can only presume, the newborn babe, will be on Good Morning America tomorrow.

What's next? A reality show for expectant parents speeding to the delivery??

I wonder if I was driving and I reallllllly needed to go to the bathroom and I drove 100+ MPH to get to the next rest stop, if I could get on the news....

HEADLINE, Ticketed for Speeding, Masssachusetts man says "I HAD TO PEE!!"

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