Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Hope you all have a Great 4th, it's been a fun weekend filled with great food and deserts Like Chocolate cake and Strawberry Pie!!

Celebrate your Independence !!!!


S said...

ohhhhh.. I don't know if I want the pie or the cake? both look yummy!

love the hat!

Happy Independence day to you, too:)

rabbit said...

you look very cute in your hat - but I don't see any pics that give me a clue to the whereabouts of the bunny! I would like to have him rejoin the others ASAP - you guys are really something else!

"it's just a little BUNNY"

S said...

Question.. why is there a doll on top of the cake?

TOM said...

That is one in a series of Doll pics that were taken at the cookout. My Sister and Her Sister In Law were playing with the dolls, obviously they must have been drinking I may post some of the other pics in the series at Hideway Pics. There kids got a real kick out of the Doll Adventures, seeing the pics on the web will really make them laugh.

I am part of a crazy , FUIN, family

Annie said...

Tom -
I don't see any pictures of Minnie on your blog. You better not have eaten her today.


Thumbs said...

Wow! that is quite a stylish had you have. You look very coooooool. By the way, Are those "reading" glasses or are you in a rock band?

Thumbs said...

You need more doll photos so everyone can get to know them better. Do they like to swim?

TOM said...

As a matter of fact they do like to swim, check them out later at HideawayPictures