Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ted Kennedy Mass Senator, I mean MASSIVE

Maybe Just FAT

I had trouble with a good Title for this posting, I need something snappy, Any good ideas out there?

Post a comment with a Funny Title and I'll change mine.

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I found this picture and some interesting background on our "beloved" senator on a very interesting blog Destination Sanity's Bluff


Brigitte said...

I think your title is great1 I can't believe how big he's gotten.

Steve B. said...

I will no longer fear wearing my bathing suit - You'd think with his bank account he could afford a personal trainor to be on a 24 hour retainer!

Toes said...

Having enough to eat is obviously not a problem here! Knowing when to back away from the table is the easiest form of exercise.

Stroupster said...

Sweet Jesus! What a picture!

Some people simply lack common sense: there are fat clothes and and there thin clothes.

And what we have here is a fat person trying to wear a plus-sized version of thin clothes. And failing.

I was White Trash when White Trash wasn't Cool said...

reckon he would like to go on a date?

Johnna said...

"eeewwwwww" would be the perfect title.

Champion said...

Teddy needs "Massive" ammounts of sunscreen! How many watermelons did he swallow? He can be the poster child for obesity!Give him Krissy Alleys #