Monday, September 04, 2006

Mega MillionsTuesday $91 MILLION

Well I've spent the Labor Day weekend working. It would be nice, no it would be much better than nice if I won the Mega Millions Jackpot this Tuesday, September 5th. People ask each other, Would you still work? I know I'd definitely be doing something different . I hope it wouldn't feel like work. Other people say yeah 91 million but they kill you on taxes. Right, even if you had to give up 75% of it you still have over 20 million to spend on yourself.....I've read that quick picks win about 50% of the time, that's what I played. Some people play their own numbers...I say give it a shot for 1 dollar...If you have trouble picking numbers maybe Katerina can help, anyway Good Luck and if you do win the big one and you played your ticket after reading this posting, I accept tips

1 comment:

thumbs said...

here is my new number vision -
6 8 19 21 51 (25)

Is this enough numbers?