Friday, December 08, 2006

Back from Maine

Well I've been away from the PC for a few days, took a trip to the lovely state of Maine. I heard somewhere that Maine was the only Northern state that backed the Confederacy....I can kinda believe it. I went to Maine for my good friend Cathy's birthday and while I was there I met quite a few people....her sisters and brothers were all very nice and and the party was a hoot.....but I also met some real strange people too...frankly you might call them odd...most of the "odd" ones I met in Ellsworth at a bar where I actually sang Madonna's "Like A Virgin" I was a hit....that in itself is odd because I cannot sing...I took the bus from Boston to Bangor, they have Movies on the bus now and I think cops let busdrivers go a little faster because it always takes me longer to drive there on my own.

When I left today it was snowing pretty hard, My daughter and her Husband Brian gave me a ride to the Trailways station and now Maine has one less Masshole, yeah that's what they call people from Massachusetts...well, Here is a link to a funny guy from Maine Bob Marley

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Anonymous said...

Thomas, No wonder I haven't been able to get in touch...kid stones?ouch!! "like a virgin" was a Hoot!! Thanks for coming to Maine for my 45th B-day. I luv u sweeties!!