Sunday, December 10, 2006

My First, and God Please My LAST !!

I welcomed my first Kidney Stone Saturday morning,
actually he introduced himself with a stabbing pain
in my back...I went to the ER where it took an hour
to register, even though I was in obvious discomfort.
I should have told them I had Chest Pains, exploding
Kidneys don't count..Anyway a little Morphine and
then a Cat Scan confirmed that I indeed had a 3mm stone
with a long way to travel before I'd be rid of him.
While I waited in my room for the Doctors orders, I
switched on the TV and Rocky Balboa was fighting Mr T,
I named my stone Rocky, I just hope there are no sequels!!
My stone is 1mm smaller than the one pictured above,
The Rabbit below had it much worse than I,
but he looks happy now!!
I Can't wait!!


Bill said...

I can sympathize with you. I've had a few kidney stones myself. Some I've passed on my own, others had to be blasted (lithotripsy) and the last one a 7mm stone had to be lasered out.

When people ask how it felt I would tell them, "You don't know whether to sh%t or go blind!". So hand in there. AND DRINK A LOT OF WATER...OR BEER.

Tisha! said...

At least you got some morphine LOL. I also hope there are no sequels! Much health to you Tom.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.