Thursday, January 04, 2007

What are you having for dinner?

Stock photo of Tom cooking something

Today I'm cooking and I'm sure everyone will be happy. I'm preparing a Texas Style Beef Brisket that should melt in your mouth...I've never cooked it before but I have high hopes.... along with the Brisket I've prepared a Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Fresh Basil and secret seasonings topped with Crisped Prosciutto bits. Also tender fresh Brussel Sprouts in a lemon butter sauce and finally, a Baked Potato.

Dinner will be at 6pm if anyone is interested.

Aside from dinner I put a storm window in at The Unit's house and have done a couple loads of laundry....

I know there's a good woman out there that would love to have me...anyone interested???


Antler said...

If youlook closely at this photo you will notice that Tom is asking ME what he should do next!

you know who!

TOM said...

Actually I am explaining what i am doing as a wannabe cook looks on....and I must say my instructions have paid off.....Antler is truly learning to cook pretty well.

Adolph said...

Just what is for dinner? Not another knock-off on Antler's famous meals

TOM said...

Adolph, is that the guy behind the famous Meat Tenderizer ? No I don't believe Antler even knows what a brisket looks like, and I think you meant to say "infamous meals"