Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Some thoughts for the day

I was in Gloucester, Ma today where I .painted a basement floor and the steps. I drove down with Dad and returned via the train. I like riding trains and busses because it gives me time to read. I am reading the book "A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers" Whenever I read memoirs I start thinking why am I just sitting and watching things go by...if I don't start writing it down now, I'm gonna forget it. Hence the comitment to my daily journal/ New Year's Resolution.

With regard to Dave Eggers, not that he needs the plug or anything but he also founded a very cool website that I've been meaning to post a link to for some time, please visit if you have not already McSweeney's Internet Tendency

So now I getting ready for Ham and Cabbage dinner over at the Units house, that's Mom and Dad, the Parental Units. Getting ready consists of letting the clock tick and continue writing about the days events. I've been getting some interesting emails form my dear friend Gail who is in Tanzania working in the orphanages there for the next 6 months. Since I've known her she has always had a generous and caring spirit, but I have to say 6 months in Tanzania is over the top generous. She was headed to the Arusha Orphanage, and this hotel was off the side of the road, she also sent a pic of there newest orphan only 10 days old....see below:

Gail took many donations and gifts with her when she made her journey to Tanzania but the biggest gift she brought was herself. Her desire to help those who can be helped and are grateful of her help are very lucky to have her there. I will post some of her musings, her pictures and observations from time to time.

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Toes said...

Gail is very special. She has faced much grief in her life and never gives up. Tanzania orphans have found a Champion!