Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year 2007 - Day 2

Today I have been sorting through a ton of digital pictures stored on the computer and began giving the filenames that make sense rather than looking at the generic DSCN0084.JPG. I began organizing them in folders and in some cases just deleted them. What's nice is that I found some I'd forgotten all about and will be posting them here or Hideaway Pictures very soon.
My Grandson Haven Alexander turns 1 this month!!

Now, regarding yesterdays post, where I mentioned who would most likely be playing my "paramour" in the future film based on the upcoming book about me and the " Brains " behind Toms' Hideaway. I thought it was a funny coincidence that when I was in the kitchen today roasting red and yellow peppers for my signature "Roasted Pepper Bake," a twist on the old standard " Stuffed Pepper." Anyway, I digress, I switched the TV on and low and behold a movie called " The Rich Man's Wife" imbd overview starring none other than "Halle Berry" was just coming on.

It's fate, I know it now! Halle will be perfect in her upcoming role as my yet to be named true love . I only hope she doesn't have to play a similar role as she did in this movie where she is not as sweet and innocent as she appears to be......Her husband, Lover and the resident psycho all end up dead....not an ending I'm looking for in the future , see it as it's written, my daily journal 2007.

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