Friday, May 18, 2007

Spam, What's in it?

  • Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added.
  • Salt (for binding, flavour, and firmness)
  • Water (to help in mixing)
  • Sugar (for flavour)
  • Sodium Nitrite (for colour and as a preservative)
That's not too bad sounding, they do identify the shoulder meat....but the meat added part, hhhhmmm I wonder.

But what's in that other spam, you know the stuff that automatically goes to my junk mail and eventually gets deleted ? I read the Email addresses from time to time and of course there's a snippet of there email in the subject. If I liked spam, today would be a good day to open up that can of worms because I could get...

a $500 gift certificate from Costco and Victoria's Secret ! Once I hook up with Shea from Intimate Dating and take her to get that $500 worth of lingerie we will book our trip to Cancun for 4 nights, courtesy of someone whose name comes up as ??/??..?? !! I think that's my friend "The Riddler"

When Shea and I get back from Mexico, we will probably contact our buddy "Gun Controll", I didn't know "Controll had 2 L's...the things you learn from spam, maybe he's British. Finally I'll contact Michael Carl for a job online...oh maybe not, I've never trusted those guys with 2 first names. But we will be certain to buy our house through Best Mortgage, I mean anyone who solicits me for a Mortgage online must be on the up and up. Finally we are both gonna sign up for that great Health Insurance that someone named Gizmo200 keeps sending me.

Yeah, and the last piece of Junk Mail/ Spam I noticed this morning was the most accurate. It was from someone named "Are You Ready" and the subject "I couldn't believe it either..." Believe me...I don't believe it!!

To the spammers out there...

I'm more likely to eat spam, and that's a stretch, I assure you I'll never read it!

To Shea over at Intimate Dating...some other time sweetums!!

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toes said...

Actually the meat product "SPAM" has been given a bad rap by unwanted emails being dubbed with the same name! Canned Spam is really a pretty good product and in Hawaii they have an annual "Spam Cook-off" It is very popular there.

Catherine said...

Spam has to got to be the YUKIEST thing in the whole world!

Attila The Mom said...

aaaaiiiighhhhhhh!!! That pppink ppork pproduct ppicture is giving me the shivers!

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha... what a way to rap the spammers! I don't like SPAM, whether it is the canned one or the unwanted emails.

N.B. Goldstein said...

Mmmm...spam! Classic Pythonesque food item!

Spam, spam, spam, spam...wonderful spam!

Milly Moo said...

Both forms of spam are hideous and neither are worth digesting - bin them both immediately!

choochoo said...

Hmm... Meat added... Well, you know, it's not unusual to have pigeons and stuff like that living in factory buildings. Just sayin'

Jolly Green Girl said...

lol... I love to eat Spam but I hate getting spammed.. Good thing I have G-mail.. they do a good job of keeping most of the spam out of my inbox.. currently I have 12878 spam mail... I added you to my Tech fav..

plusultra said...

I am a Nigerian banker selling dyslexic maps. Have I come to the right place? Do you like deep fried Spam? I don't. I think the worst is when you get those Emails that look like they come from a legitimate site(Eg. ebay or paypal) asking for account information. Those can be tricky.

Nan said...

Even that the spam looks so gross and disgusting I still think I would rather eat a can of it and never receive anymore repulsing offers from morons!

TOM said...

Toes, I hear Hawaii eats more per year than anyone!

Cathy, I know what I'll cook for you next time

Attila..believe me it's not that bad

Eastcoast,,you diggin my Spam rap??

N.B. I love Monty Python too

Milly, canned spam is better than Balut..look that up in Wikipedia

Choo Choo..Pigeon is very good tastes like chicken!!

Jolly Green, I wouldn't have figured you for a spam lover.

Plus...spam spell it backwards you get

Nan, I'm with you on that!!

Harvey said...

spam tastes so damn good though...