Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

I am putting a poll together here today on this day that Americans celebrate their Independence from the Eeeevil Brits....of course if we had continued to be a part of the British Empire, maybe we would have a National Health Care system in place...

My son tells me I should see the movie "
Sicko" the most recent documentary from Michael Moore comparing the highly profitable American Health care system with other countries...I'm putting it on the list of must see films..

So back to the Independence Day Celebration...what are we celebrating? Possibly that the Bush Presidency is coming to an end, Scooter Libby's Presidential Pardon, The Victory in Iraq? Did I say the Victory in Iraq?? The renewed interest in joining up with
Al-Qaeda, The latest graduates from the Suicide Bomber School....

Personally I think this country has to stop trying to spread our freedom and democracy around the know respect other people's freedom for how they want to live their lives...I don't know but didn't we see the Brits as the enemy not so long ago?

The USA is a great country and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, unless an extremely beautiful woman invited me to share her life and her great families wealth with little old me. That's where I draw the line!!

The poll today asks the question, How Free Do You Feel ? And I ask you to both give a response and follow up with a comment re where you live,, state...planet? Extremely beautiful women can
email me!!


younowho said...

FREEDOM ISN'T FREE, and human behavior is sometimes INHUMAN. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to live free and sometimes that requires a fight for freedom.

TOM said... is free and I don't see one, freedom is certainly not free...just look at your latest oil bill...ignorance isn't free either...look at the cost of the war in Iraq and we still haven't found the WMD's but we sure did create some more with the resurgence of Al-Qaeda and their, recent graduates of Suicide Bombers...I wonder how many of those graduates lost a family member to the imperialist aggression on the part of the USA??

younowho said...

None of the "voting selections" really expressed my feelings so, like someone else I know, I just didn't vote!

Lizzie said...

I'm from UK. Freedom? We don't have much these days in UK with so many CCTV's in towns and cities and regulations, etc, so you're really lucky you escaped from us!! LOL. As for our free health you really want MRSA?

Anonymous said...

Lizzie: Even with all the new restrictions there in the UK, your quality of life is probably much better than the average woman living under the so-called religious restrictions imposed in Arab society.

TOM said...'s a free country

Lizzie, all those CCTV's and still a bunch of crazy "doctors" and friends try and explode bombs across Britain

Anon, you are probably right. Separation of Church and Government should be the rule..I would never have been happy under the Spanish Inquisition.