Monday, July 30, 2007

Entering Athol

I was able to install a new wireless router today. I've never done that before but it was a seamless installation...I totally amaze myself almost every day.

I felt, as they say here in the Boston Area..."Wicked Smaht! " which translates to Very Smart in most other regions of the world. Massachusetts has a very distinctive accent.

We call Milk Shakes -- Frappes

We call Soda --- Tonic

We Pronounce Peabody --- Peebadee and you have to say it real FAST

We have a town named Athol which has always reminded me of someone with a lisp saying asshole...Must be a tough place to be from.. I mean it must be hard saying : "Hi my name is John and I grew up in Athol!!"

It's still hot and humid, the rain is gone...I'm going swimming!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you're as smaht as me! And if you are looking for some other towns with strange names what about Methuen or Billerica!


Sally said...


toes said...

Just thought of another name for you to contemplate --Mashpee, MA

Stacy said...

There is an Athol in PA and an Intercourse too.

TOM said...

Stacy I think that's illegal in Massachusetts !

Robert said...

Well, if anyone doesn't think you're smaht, just tell them to go to Hell (Michigan).
As far as Frappes go (whick I love, unfortunately), I remember many years ago when Friendly's Ice Cream called their thick shakes "Awful-Awfuls." You could drop in and order a "Coffee Awful." Now they call them "Fribbles." It's just not the same.
Bob, two houses down the hill.

TOM said...

Bob, I'll do that...I love Frappes too, I don't remember the Awfuls but Chocolate Fribbles are pretty tasty