Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aunt Alice and the Port Jervis Phone Company

Oh it sounds like such a good title!

Really it's just about a picture that my Cousin came across and sent to me tonight. My Aunt Alice better known as Aunt Allie, my Dad's sister and the woman who drove like the wind to the hospital, me in the passenger seat in my Uncle Ed's lap, his hand like a vice holding my leg together, Aunt Allie stopping for no one.. beeping the horn all the way. I swear when we reached the top of the hill where the hospital was we went airborne.

We got there alive and they sewed my leg up good...I got about 40 stitches and a GI Joe...It was the 60's and one of the most exciting rides ever. I digress...

So My cousin found a picture of Alice when she was seventeen years old and working for the Phone Company in Port Jervis, New York (circa 1947) ....see below

My Aunt still lives in Matamoras,Pa where she and my dad grew up. It's on the Delaware River, on the other side of the river is Port Jervis, NY.

Aunt Alice

Less than 60 years ago our phone calls were made through an operator like Alice, there was no direct dialing ,cell phones, no faxes, Internet or home PC's. Those times were much simpler than the complex world we live in now. While I like a lot of the new gadgets, somehow this picture makes me think maybe all the gadgets aren't really worth the aggravation!

Well, I gotta go..I've got emails to reply to, my cell phone is ringing!

Photos courtesy of my cousin...no royalties paid at this time, he still owes us for all that penny candy we bought for him when he said he didn't want to break a $20...oh, and note penny candy isisn't just a penny anymore..


Sharon said...

You know the concept of *what old is new and what new is old*. Wouldn't it be neat if the Iphone brought this back?

Now, I understand why people have the need to talk when they finally get an operator or a receptionist on the phone because in this day and age of automation, you could go days without actually having human contact.

choochoo said...

That would make a good song. Or at the very least, a good song title.

eastcoastlife said...

In 60 years, technology has improved so much, changing all our lives. Already my son and I are having a generation gap. I don't understand why he needs to have a cellphone when he is only 15 yrs old and a student. Oh... 5 yr-old kids are holding cellphones too! *smack my forehead*

I can't imagine having grand kids.

Unacknowledged Genius said...

It's crazy how much things have changed just since the 60s. I like that photo, remember party lines?

TOM said...

Sharon, Please pres 1..LOL

Choochoo you are thinking Band Name, like "Big Brother and the Holding Company" but hey you can be in the band if you want.

Eastcoast, careful you alredy have a bad ankle !

Unacknowledged G, I do..I never had one but I remember families that did..wonder if they will ever make a comeback??

Stacy said...

Aunt Alice was pretty then. I always thought it would be fun to be one of those operator women.

TOM said...

Stacy, well Of Course she's good lookin!!...it's in the genes. Now I'm coming to see your pictures!