Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here They Are !!

The Pies are in...

The Lemon Meringue

The Fresh Strawberry/Kiwi Pie

Harry Bunny and his favorite pie, a slice of Ice Cream he eats it so fast he gets an "Ice Cream Headache!!



Milly Moo said...


youknow who said...

Having had a sliver from each one of these creations, it is impossible to
pick a favorite....they were all #1!

Audrey said...

Get the bunny away from the pie.... ITS MINE!!! OMG they all look so scrummy, did you make them all.

TOM said...

Milly, I just bought some ice vream to hold me over!!'

YouKnowWho...very politically correct statement

Audrey, Harry Bunny had a slice..I made the Strawberry-Kiwi and Mom made the other two...The lemon Meringue was a last minute creation...she's a show off but she makes great pie!

Anonymous said...

Next time I create "The Coconut Cream" I hope you can take a picture for the pie archives. Please note that today I made a batch of Whoopie Pies for a cookout we attended. Sorry to say there are none left to photograph!

PS I had the blueberry & the strawberry - both were yummy!!

Rain said...

I just gained five pounds just looking at your pies! =0)

The Strawberry Kiwi pie looks like a slice of heaven...yummy!

A.I. Editor said...

Looks like plenty of whipped cream! Yumm!

Your pies look basic (although taste is another factor) & why the X mark on the blueberry pie?

You may want to join some pie decorating or presenting seminar in MA.

Ok, I shall post the rest of the pie "crit" on my talking gravy blog.

:)Your Harry Bunny stuffed pet is one lucky stuffed animal, Tom!

TOM said...

#2 I'll get the camera ready

Rain, these are Ab friendly pies...I think

A.I. they are Basically Delicious!

eastcoastlife said...

Oh no! These pies look so delicious!!! Have to close my eyes. Don't peep! I'm on a diet.

Come and get your award on my latest post! ^-^