Monday, March 31, 2008

Crossroads USA

Photo from beneath Interstate 84 where it crosses the Delaware River. I took this on March 23rd, 2008. The cool thing abut the picture is that I am standing in three different states as I am taking the picture.

I am in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania at the same time.

It's quite a crossroads we have here in that Interstate 84 of course is above me, in front of me is the Delaware River swollen from the winter rain and snow melt and just behind me is the Nerversink River which is a tributary of the Delaware.

I've fished and tubed down this river in the past. Just on the other side is where my Dad was born and raised. We used to come to this spot as kids and stand on a rock with the state borders etched into it, but that stone has been replaced by a monument and it's a bit difficult to stand on.

River Facts:

The Neversink river is considered to be the birthplace of fly fishing.

There are two Delaware Rivers in the United States, This one which runs up the Atlantic Coast and then there is the Delaware River in Kansas.

Well That's it for today folks...hope you had a good Monday(-:

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sky said...

Namaste' wow awesome pic, this is wild your standing in three different states while taking this pic? WOW that is just 2 cool!!!! I dont know of any other places where that can be done. Hahahaha.

Good shot, thanks!