Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tom's Trivia Winner week of 3/23-2/29, 2007


Sally author of the blog, Yeah, what of it?! , was the big points earner for the past week with a weekly total of 59 Points which also gave the loyal Boston Sports Fan the overall lead in the game as well.


Other highlights from this weeks competition, PG, author of the blog Annoyingly Boring, which comes to us from the Hub of the Sports Universe itself...BOSTON, has moved up from 7th place overall last week to 4th overall by winning 3 of the 7 games played this week he earned 57 Points and shared 2nd in overall points earning with another New England Powerhouse the Mysterious PIXIEPANTS
Funny isn't it, top 3 point getters all from the Boston Area or at the very least Boston Fans!! Oh and then there's ME!!
earning 56 points and remaining in 2nd overall. I guess people in Massachusetts are just "Wicked Smaahht!!"

Yes Tom's Trivia Challenge saw 3 new players this week and we here at The Hideaway hope to see them come back and play some more.

There was a big buzz around the Australia Test on Thursday!! An upset of which we had never seen before. Kathlock, a native Australian, lost to Operator 9 !! AN AMERICAN!!

It's all fun, we are starting a new week and are looking for some new players all the time...Join here and countless other places on this page:

Here's the rundown on scoring for last week:

1. Sally 59

2. PG 57
2.pixiepants 57
3. Tom 56
4. Operator9 48
4. kathlock 48
4. T-Saucey 48
5. fatback 47


Kath Lockett said...

I know I know Tom, it was very shaming to lose the Aussie quiz, but I'm an Australian Football League (AFL) follower and don't know a thing about rugby....

I'll try and do better next time!

TOM said...

Kath, I'm from the USA an dI still get a whole USA related questions wrong!! Next week we're gonna throw out some Euro Questions..great having you in the Challenge

Sally said...

That Aussie quiz was brutal!! I knew one or two and guessed on everything else!! One game a week I do horribly...well at least THAT streak continued this week. Here's hoping it ends this week!!

Oh by the way, we all sound like horses!!! Heehee!

TOM said...

Sally, still even with the bad day..YOU WON...Congrats!!