Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last Weeks Winner, Back Home with Pictures

Player Points This Week
1 Operator 9 61
2 Sally 57
3 Tom 50
4 Fatback 47
5 Rambo 47
6 Pixiepants 46
7 PG 45
8 T-Saucey 38
9 DarkGlamour 37
10 momzy 32

Toms Trivia winner for last week is OPERATOR 9, She has no web site that I am aware of but she has shown the true desire to top the scores this week going from 4th overall last week to #1 both overall and over the last 7 days.. Congrats #9 and I look forward to hearing your comments on winning!!

The full trivia leader board is available at the Game Page, I take those stats and compare last weeks score to this weeks score every Sunday morning and will highlight the winner of the last 7 days. Other notable developments in Tom's Trivia Challenge, 7 new players have joined in on the fun and with only 4 games under her belt T-Saucey, my favorite Chi Town girl, has made a big splash by getting into the Top Ten scorers for the week.

Sally finished 2nd this week compared to 5th last week Tom , I love talking about myself in third person, finished 3rd after debuting at #2 last week. Thankfully he is still ahead of Fatback who did move from #7 last week to number #4 and was uncomfortably close to overtaking him this week.

Of course I wasn't using my computer and the normal mouse I work with which I believe led to submitting my scores much slower than I would normally. As we know speed counts in this game!!

That's the best excuse this week!!

Check All the scores and totals for the games at the Trivia Site, thanks for playing and hope to see you all back trying your best to outsmart me this week and remember our weekly winner is awarded by the number of points you get From Today thru next Saturday Good Luck everyone!!

If you haven't already JOIN !!

Now Some Pictures I Promised !!

I went to Pennsylvania last Wednesday and have sent some advance photos in but I actually visited enemy territory on Friday, that's right !! I went to New York City and of course I had to wear my Red Sox hat, just to remind them who won it all last year.

Of course those New Yorkers couldn't really say anything about the Sox. No they had to hit below the belt and mention The Patriot's...OUCH!!!

Yeah, but what about their Governor!!

Well anyway I went the the New York City Car Show and took pictures of all the new Models!

Coolest Car

The Other Models

The Chrysler Girl

I loved the Pleather Jacket

Friendliest, Jennifer from Michigan

Natural Beauty

Lamborghini = High Maintenence
More cars , pics this week...



Robert said...

That model is wearing the wrong outfit to look good in my favorite Lamborghini, the LM002, that came out in 1988. I couldn't afford one then.... and I still can't.

Sally said...

Happy Easter!!

I am sensing a theme in the pictures...heehee!!

One bad game wrecked me for the week! !! UGH!! Do not play UNTIL the 2nd cup of coffee!

PG said...

flashes of brilliance, bouts of forgetfulness. Watch out if I put it all together!

TOM said...

Robert, I don't know why you aren't in the Trivia Challenge??

Sally, Theme? What theme??

PG, All I know is I have been sinking FAST!! And it's MY Challenge!!

Kuanyin said...

Tom...I'm on vacation, but I took the time to Stumble you! I was the first one! You can check and see. Hope this wins me some brownie points with you as I've been a very lax commenter as of late. You look like you're having fun with your trivia challenge. I'll be back from my loooong vacation in a couple of months, so be bad, very bad for me, ok?

eastcoastlife said...

Looks like you went to ogle and drool at the models rather than the cars. I'm looking at the coolest car though.

Crissy said...

hi friend! happy easter!!! i thought you took pictures of the new cars but i only saw 1 against the 5 pictures of the other models.. hehehe.. well i guess you're just being a gentleman, ladies first before the cars.. have a nice day..

AintNeverScared said...

Why bother with them when you have the Top Model chasing you like a puppy? ;)

razz said...

In NY and no visit, Tom? I like the last model, oh and I will participate for sure tonight in the trivia:) looks fun

Anonymous said...

high maint, maybe, but totally HOT!!!!!!!!!!! She could crack a walnut in those cheeks- I'm not sure but I think shes been to a gym b4 ;)