Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Pictures in Advance

Speeding Thru Hartford and along Rt 84 I arrived in Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon. It rained all day and other than some traffic on 95 early on the traffic wasn't bad.

Today I got out and took several pictures and tomorrow I plan to get a bunch more as I will be headed to the Jacob Javits Convention Center`on W34th Street in Manhattan's west side. NYC...The Big Apple, where I will wear`my Red Sox World Series Champs hat and take in the annual Car Show at the Javits Center


I am standing in the doorway of an old foundation I suspect from an old mill


A natural Rock Formation, notice the chunk of rock that fell down to my right under the branch.The Stream/Waterfall has caused this formation over the years .


AintNeverScared said...

Come home soon. It's not the same without you ;)

newnorth said...

cool rock formation. It's weird how water can do that.

Laila Hussein said...

Very Nice Pictures