Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm better off than the Cougar

Yesterday it looked like the entire Chicago Police department surrounded a cougar on the North Side of the city and shot it to death....There had been reports of "Cougar Sightings" around the city but I guess no=one thought about coming up with a plan with regard to capturing the animal, maybe using a tranquilizer or involving any experts from a local zoo or anything.

Find it, Kill it seemed to be the action plan of the day, to bad for the cougar he didn't bring his Uzi with him.

Personally I feel bad for the animal.

Moving on...I am watching the Red Sox vs Yankees right now and it's ugly 11-9 Yankees in the 6th Inning.

I listed my blog on the Million Blog List on the 15th and at the time I was at the bottom of the list at #202...Just 24 hours later there are already up to 456 blog listings... If you haven't listed you blog visit the site and do it...I'll be updating the count with my post but things seem to be moving fairly fast there..

Tom's Trivia Challenge is still open for new players, so if you actually think you can match wits with some of the players we have there now...Bring Your Best Game.

The weather here in Sunny Massachusetts is turning spring like...I'm feeling the urge for BBQ and Cold Beer more than usual.



Beth said...

I'm glad no one was hurt, but couldn't a way have been found to capture the cougar and take it back to it's natural habitat?

TOM said...

Beth I think there could have been a a better approach to this problem..

Beth said...

Me too. I'm on the cougar's side also.

AintNeverScared said...

Ay ay ay. I love animals, and as many of you know have a cat that I ADORE like a human child. But here's the deal. Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the country, and this freaking wild cat is strolling through, one block from a SCHOOL! Police officers in the city don't CARRY tranquilizer darts or anything like that. What were they supposed to do? Can you IMAGINE the backlash if they had waited awhile for Animal Control to be summoned and meanwhile a kid had been hurt or killed?

For some reason, it has been decided that the cougar came down from Wisconsin...isn't that odd?? Why would that be his HOME?

TOM said...

Aintnever...maybe the cougars breath smelled like cheese...or he could have had a Brett Favre tattoo...

Bunny said...

It does seem strange that the animal control patrol wasn't also called in on the cougar chase - they might have had a tranquilizer gun.... Well at least the cougar isn't an endangered species critter.

TOM said...

Bunny, Somehow I think you would have been a little more upset had it been a Bunny Rabbit!!